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Usurper of Modern Medicine unleashes new single

Unfurling at breakneck speed, House of Reps is the latest from the Perth post-rock / experimental / electronic trio.

Featuring a prismatic flurry of glimmering synths flooding over pulsating basslines and faraway reverting vocals – House of Reps is your soundtrack to a journey through a hall of mirrors – and it’s out right now via Independent/MGM!

The video for the single, which premiered on Pilerats earlier this week, was created by the multi-talented UOMM frontman Steven Aaron Hughes and contains a mesmerizing projection mapping performance from Hughes, and exquisite 3D animation by Sam Price (otherwise known as musician and filmmaker Naik).

It’s also the opening track of Usurper of Modern Medicine’s upcoming second album Everything is Nothing to be released on July 7.


More than two years in the making, the new album is a kaleidoscope of otherworldly sounds, melding the rhythmic temperament of krautrock with their fondness for maximalist soundscapes, psychedelic chaos, interstellar space rock, and shimmering synthesisers.

Keeping with Usurper of Modern Medicine’s penchant for cross-platform art experiences,Everything is Nothing is an experience that extends far beyond the music. Just as the video for last year’s single Ego War offered an interactive view into the synesthetic mind fuck of UOMM’s particular brand of sonic assault – via a looping 360 virtual reality of polychrome wormholes – so too is the entire record another avenue for a multimedia audio-visual listening experience.

In the first music-based App of its kind, each vinyl copy of Everything is Nothing will be accompanied by an augmented reality application. Designed by Steven A Hughes in collaboration with Perth surrealist painter Liam Dee and coder Steve Berrick, the App turns Everything is Nothing into a VR touch-sensor game, creating generative artwork in time with the rhythm of the track using information from the user’s listening environment.


Since forming in 2010, UOMM have carved out a niche as master manipulators of light and sound, in the process solidifying a reputation as one of Western Australia’s most compelling live acts with a audio-visual experience that’s seen them share stages with MONO, Wire, Holy Fuck, and Lightning Bolt, tour Japan and appear at New Zealand’s Camp A Low Hum.


The single House of Reps is out now.


UOMM’s second album Everything is Nothing is out on July 7 via MGM and will be launched on July 14 at The Bird, Perth.



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