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Usurper of Modern Medicine’s new video for ‘Intercyclical’ + AR App demo & art exhibition

Perth space-rock trio Usurper of Modern Medicine (UOMM) has shared a new video for Intercyclical – the third track from their latest album Everything is Nothing – and announced a live demo of their Augmented Reality App and exhibition of original artwork by Liam Dee on 11 August @ the Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco.

Premiering on Happy Mag this week, Intercyclical reveals itself like an astral slow dance, painting a tapestry of lush ambience that falls somewhere between a modern worship song and a hypothetical lost cut from the score of Jodorowsky’s Dune.

The video was directed and edited by UOMM frontman Steven Aaron Hughes and is inspired by the capture and manipulate time/motion works of New Zealand-born digital and installation artist, Daniel Crooks.

​​Keeping with UOMM’s penchant for cross-platform art experiences, UOMM’s second album Everything is Nothing is an experience that extends far beyond its 9 tracks and 50 minutes of music.

In the first music-based App of its kind, each vinyl copy of the album is accompanied by an Augmented Reality Application. Designed by Hughes in collaboration with Perth surrealist painter Liam Dee and coder Steve Berrick, the App turns Everything is Nothing into an interactive experience rendering Dee's artwork in dynamic 3D. Purchase the vinyl, download the application to your iOS or Android device and point your camera at your turntable to begin the rhythmic touch and sensor-based game.

A live demonstration of the AR App alongside original artwork, paintings and 3D printed sculptures developed for the project by Liam Dee is happening on Friday, 11 August 2017 at the Little Wing Corner Gallery, 263 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA. Doors open at 8pm and there’ll be live music from Feels, Doublethink Prism, Lana & Tactile AF. Meet the artists and designers, buy the vinyl and download the App and try it for yourself.




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