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Usurper of Modern Medicine release album + augmented reality App

An evolution from their 2014 debut LP Omniliberation, Usurper of Modern Medicine present their second album Everything is Nothing out July 7 (Independent/MGM), which includes an interactive 3D listening experience in augmented reality. 

“Music has never sounded so three-dimensional before.” AAA Backstage

“Their House Of Reps single is so dense with hyper-kinetic grooves and nebulous synths that it makes the idea of being pulled apart by a black hole seem like a pleasurable experience.” 4ZZZ

If Perth post-rock/experimental/ electronic trio Usurper of Modern Medicine is a band of musical healers, consider this new album a prescription for transcendence.

More than two years in the making, Everything is Nothing is a kaleidoscope of otherworldly sounds, melding the rhythmic temperament of krautrock with Usurper of Modern Medicine’s (UOMM) penchant for maximalist soundscapes, psychedelic chaos, interstellar space rock, and shimmering synthesisers.

Opening track and current single House of Reps unfurls at a breakneck speed, in stark contrast to the machinations of its namesake. It’s a prismatic flurry of glimmering synths flooding over the pulsating basslines and faraway, reverberating vocals of frontman Steven Aaron Hughes, like the soundtrack to a journey through a hall of mirrors.

Keeping with UOMM’s penchant for cross-platform art experiences, Everything is Nothing is an experience that extends far beyond its 9 tracks and 50 minutes of music.

In the first music-based App of its kind, each vinyl copy of Everything is Nothing will be accompanied by an augmented reality application. Designed by Hughes in collaboration with Perth surrealist painter Liam Dee and coder Steve Berrick, the App turns Everything is Nothing into an interactive experience rendering Dee's artwork in dynamic 3D. Purchase the vinyl, download the application to your iOS or Android device and point your camera at your turntable to begin the rhythmic touch and sensor-based game.

The limited edition 12” vinyl and AR App are available to pre-order now with delivery expected in early August.

Since forming in 2010, UOMM have carved out a niche as master manipulators of light and sound, in the process solidifying a reputation as one of Western Australia’s most compelling live acts with a audio-visual experience that’s seen them share stages with MONO, Wire, Holy Fuck, and Lightning Bolt, tour Japan and appear at New Zealand’s Camp A Low Hum.

Usurper of Modern Medicine’s second album Everything is Nothing is out July 7 via MGM:

Pre-order limited edition 12” vinyl and AR App with delivery in early August:

The album will be launched on July 14 at The Bird, Perth with special guests Bonney Upwelling and Akioka. Limited tickets on the door. $10 entry with a copy of the album!



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