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Selfless Orchestra's epic music video highlights where environmental destruction has been stopped

“It’s a 7-minute epic that starts out slowly builds into something larger than life…As the song builds we hear a violin, cello, and keyboards on top of what we normally hear in post-rock... but they go on to craft something that is really their own thing.” Everything Is Noise

Following its premiere on international music web site Everything Is Noise, Selfless Orchestra reveal the lead track and video Time is a Flower (Part I: The Dream Refused to Stay the Same) from their debut album Great Barrier released this week on Stock Records.

While the song was inspired by founding member Steven Alyian’s experiences in South America, the video was filmed in Western Australia in areas where environmental destruction was stopped and balance has been restored – bringing attention to the efforts of selfless humans who defended the natural habitat close to their hearts.

Selfless Orchestra are a post-rock ensemble from Perth, Western Australia with members Steven Alyian (Injured Ninja, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Doublethink Prism), Ray Grenfell (Last Quokka), Madeleine Antoine, and Jerome Turle (The Weapon Is Sound). Their immersive audio-visual show features up to 13 musicians including players from the Perth Symphony Orchestra alongside musicians from the punk and metal scenes – including legendary metal act Karnivool.

A uniting of artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers, Selfless Orchestra aims to educate and inspire audiences about social issues and environmental justice through poetical musical performance, with part proceeds from each show donated towards community causes.

Following a commissioning by Senator Jordon Steele-John for Steven Alyian to create a visual artwork that highlighted environmental initiatives in Perth, Steven has now set that footage to the soundtrack of Great Barrier’s lead song.

“Selfless Orchestra travelled with cinematographer Ben Berkhout to the vast corners of our state connecting with community groups, activists and environmental scientists to create a video that weaves together the different musical styles of the group,” Steven says.

“As part of that commissioning we met with vigilant members of communities like Activate the Wheatbelt, South West Forest Defenders and Tending the Tracks Alliance, and we brought our song with us – taking each band member and dwarfing them against these incredible landscapes that includes remote beaches, dense natural forests, the rich Wheatbelt and the biodiverse Wetlands – their performances empowered by these breathtaking vistas.

“This visual artwork reflects the meaning of the song about the fact that life and nature is beautiful because it is temporary. That seasons change, things grow and they die and how this essential part of reality is what makes things cherished. It is about the essence of time passing, that all life is temporary. All moments grow and bloom like a flower, then fade away into dust.”

With the release of the album on Perth imprint Stock Records on Friday 23 October, Selfless Orchestra will perform Great Barrier in full for one last time on Saturday 24 October at The Naval Store in Fremantle, WA, as well as premiere new songs from their next project and cause.

They’ll perform on the floor and in the round with 360 degrees of visual projections – an immersive show designed to educate and empower audiences to become part of the movement to help protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Special guests on the night include Dead Jerk, Filth Goddess and Elsewhere/Rebecca, and part proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation and Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC).

‘Great Barrier’ is available digitally and on limited edition vinyl via Stock Records.



Date: Saturday, 24 October, 7pm Venue: The Naval Store, corner of Queen Victoria Street & Canning Highway, Fremantle WA Tickets: Pre-sale tickets from $12 to $40 + BF with vinyl included. Free entry for children under 15. BYO BUY TICKETS RSVP to Facebook event



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