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Discover the arts in the heart of the south west from 2-17 April

Tiny white timber cottage with a tin roof with the word 'ART' on the roof in big red letters.
WA’s Smallest Art Gallery, Balingup 🍄

Meet the makers on the Blackwood River Arts Trail from 2 to17 April in Western Australia's south west.

We’ve been working with the team on their paid and organic social media as they bring together 60 artists in over 30 venues across Nannup, Bridgetown-Greenbushes, Donnybrook-Balingup and Boyup Brook.

This is the second year the Blackwood River Arts Trail has been running, having both grown in size and the range of what it offers visitors while travelling around this beautiful region. Changing from ‘Art’ to ‘Arts’ trail this year, the breadth of its offerings are designed to provide cultural experiences to excite the whole family while enjoying a great country getaway.

Keeping to the model applauded by visitors to earlier trails, many of the venues are within or close to town centres allowing visitors to stroll the character-filled streets of these scenic regional hamlets.

Composite of visual art images from artists taking part in the Blackwood River Arts Trail 2022
Composite of exhibits featured in the Blackwood River Arts Trail, which runs from 2 to 17 April 2022

However, it's worth heading out to those studios further afield to discover the lovely landscapes surrounding charming country roads while visiting award winning artists such as painter Lori Pensini and painter/sculptor Sally Stoneman, seeing potter Cher Shackleton demonstrating her wheel skills, enjoying the colourful works of Margie Bird alongside the amazing giant wooden clock and so much more!

Exhibitors range from renowned sculptor Kim Perrier, author-illustrators Leanne White and Gabriel Evans, award-winning painters Miranda Free and Josh Windram, textile artists Cassi-Jo Davis and Marijke Tromp, to local art groups in smaller (even WA’s Smallest) town galleries and studio collectives.

Media contact: Tracy Routledge, TR PR



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