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Decibel New Music Ensemble's 2 Minutes From Home

An interesting project I worked on last year was social media for Decibel New Music Ensemble's '2 Minutes from Home', which is a series of 20 two minute commissions from composers working in the New Music and experimental realms.

All the pieces were created using the Decibel ScorePlayer - and iPad application Decibel created to facilitate the coordinated performance of graphic notations.

Each work in the series is presented as a video, which was created by Karl Ockelford and shows the Ensemble playing their parts at home alongside the score. It’s pretty damn clever, and an innovative way to commission new works, continue to deliver a performance during those lockdown periods, and also demonstrate how the ScorePlayer App works.

The piece titled ‘6 Grades of Grain’ by Gail Priest was probably my favourite in the series. Her “timbral exploration is stimulated by text from music concrète pioneer Pierre Schaeffer, and the score is shown large to enable a close look at the textures being 'read' by the instrumentalists.”

Work for this project involved content creation and posting across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and IGTV and the creating and running of Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns to grow followers, increase engagement, and drive traffic to their new web site.

Watch the whole #2MfH series on Decibel’s web site.

The complete project has also been showing at Festival Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques - an online New Music festival by SMCQ.



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